SMART Enrichment Bubbles

Hardware Bubbles

It is important to understand how hardware works and to know the main parts of the devices that we use day by day. During the sessions, kids have the opportunity to understand what is hardware and learn about components and trouble-shooting. It's a hands-on activity

Cyber Safety Bubbles

Basics of how to set up a safe profile, account, how to recognize threats,
how to set up protection for devices and how to safely navigate the internet.
Students will have firm foundation of cyber safety knowledge, safe social interaction ands personal data protection.

Graphic Design Bubbles

Learning design basics will benefit students in creating their future projects, presentations, they will be able to design cards, flyers, posters or even they're able to create their very own digital art.
Creating visual storybooks or comics are also favorite project of participants.

Coding Bubbles

There are thousands of coding languages and their theory and thinking process is similar. Critical, logical and computational thinking as well as problem-solving and understanding how to decompose complex problems, attention and focus are skills that kids need to develop before starting coding.
This bubble focuses on above and introducing visual coding and JavaScript.

Game Design Bubbles

The shortest way to transform avid gamers into thoughtful users is teaching kids game design. Students will learn how to design a game and have the option to publish their games. Understanding the process of creating a game, having the challenge to keep the flow of the game and add meaningful and entertaining elements contributes to the growth of each designer.

Stop Motion Animation Bubbles

Students will learn how to design, create and produce a short stop motion animation movie.
During this process, participants will learn how to be resourceful and create storyboards, setups and how to film and edit short animations. It is a great opportunity for understanding how movies and animation are made.

Web Development Bubbles

Students will learn how to design their very own website, blog or landing page. Participants will also understand the functionality of the websites, copyrights and content management, that are future basic skills in many areas of technology and communication. Will have the opportunity to design and develop original design, logo and understand domain management.

Robotics and Engineering Bubbles

Robotics and Engineering Bubbles Just like in coding, it is important to understand the basics of robotics and engineering concepts. From building tiny robots and devices to building big and complicated robots we need to master the same basics principles of engineering. Understanding well the basic concept, opens the ability to create sophisticated robots, drones, and AI`s.

Youth StartIT Now

Tech events and hackathons prepare the next generation to develop solutions that solve world problems, to inspire them about how to take an idea to reality, present it, and challenge it in public. Learning how we can use technology in making the world a better place and how to build communities. Many future work places use hackathons in finding genuine talent.